Demand First World Comforts at Third World Prices

in Delhi

Those looking for some international style hospitality backed by personalized service can head to New Delhi. Five star hotels in Delhi has perfected the art of providing truly personalized service and at the same time maintaining quality at par with international standards.

5 star hotels in Delhi essentially cater to two main segments of foreign tourists. First one being the business travellers who have come to the city on a business trip and usually have a very tight schedule. Business travellers usually include owners' managers, executives of companies who plan to make a brief stop over to Delhi before moving to the next city. Business travellers are usually more demanding and expect state of the art facilities in their rooms. They look for amenities like wi-fi connectivity or on demand internet access, fax, telephone and sometimes secretarial services as well. Well heeled, well travelled sophisticated discerning customers comprise this niche segment of the audience. Business travellers usually travel alone and have very little time on their hands for shopping or indulging in any kind of leisure activity.

The second category of customers includes the so called leisure travellers who rarely travel alone and are accompanied by their spouses or families. Their intention is to explore the city and simply enjoy themselves to the fullest by shopping, dining, wining and enjoying their holiday to the fullest. Usually less demanding when it comes to the speed of service delivery, this segment of customers expects value for money. They usually travel around in groups organized by their tour operators especially while travelling to international destinations. Travelling in groups not only gives them a sense of security but also helps them to get the best deals from their tour operators.

5 star hotels in Delhi offer a unique combination of economy and comfort. The rates offered by 5 star hotels in Delhi are far lower than what you get in other similar destinations in south Asia. Some of the finest hotels of South Asia populate the list of five star hotels in Delhi. Some of the finest international chains have set up base here. Not just international hotels but domestic chains in India have now acquired an international footprint and offer world class luxuries to the discerning globe trotters.

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Demand First World Comforts at Third World Prices

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This article was published on 2010/04/03